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Please feel free to contact me if your questions are not answered below....

• There is occasionally some confusion regarding zip code error messages during checkout. The shop software recently added a billing zip code field that appears after you have entered your card number and expiration date.

If this field is ignored, it throws up the error message. Please keep an eye out for this field if you've encountered the zip code error message. I apologize for the hassle, but it is a security measure in your favor!

• All elk antlers are naturally shed and ethically gathered. We do not believe in encroaching on Spring elk habitat and harassing the animals just to find the big early drops, even though this has become standard practice in western states.

• I do not take returns on elk antler chew toys. I consider them a food item. This policy ensures that everyone can feel confident that their pups' chew toys have not been anywhere other than on the elk they came from or in my possession before they received them.

• I am happy to hold items for a reasonable amount of time and provide layaway plans. Contact me for more details.

• Fred occasionally does custom orders but he generally works by following his own inspiration. Feel free to email if you have custom requests or would like first dibs on certain items or ring sizes.