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Farmily Print Collection

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NOW 50% OFF!

Twelve images of the Farmily printed the old fashioned way, on a press, by my beloved, family-run, local print shop.

Twelve gorgeous prints that are perfect for framing, at a fraction of the price of individual giclee prints.

This is overstock of the 2014 Farmily Calendar (which I *just* found tucked in box the other day) and can easily be separated to display the individual pictures.

The print quality of each image is so beautiful, the calendars always double as a timeless series of frameable prints.

Individual pages measure 8.5 inches by 12.5 inches. Calendar measures 8.5 inches by 25 inches hanging. Binding and tack holes do not cut into any of the images. Spiral bound. Full color.

shipping: $4.50