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There was an ambulance call early last summer: male, horseback rider, broken femur (the huge bone of the upper leg). He did not break his leg because he fell off the horse, nor was he kicked by the horse. He broke his femur (the strongest straight bone in the body) when he was dismounting - and while his horse was standing perfectly still. His chaps caught on an elk antler he had found earlier that day and had tied to his saddle, and the point snapped his leg bone in two. It takes a LOT of force to break a femur. The antler did not break.

This self defense tool looks like a simple decoration on a bedside table, coffee table, desk, or in the car. However, if you are threatened by someone and you grab it and stab it, it will HURT. This point causes extraordinary pain. Pain, plus the element of surprise, can buy a potential victim a tiny slice of time in which to make their next move: to run like hell, to grab your mace, whatever the situation might dictate in the moment.

I took one of these to the mountain when I lived off-grid for one summer. Previous to that, during the months when I was being stalked, I had one in my back pocket at all times. It is a gorgeous, simple, natural tool for self defense. It works like a weapon but doesn't look like a weapon. It fits well in a woman's hand, and has enough texture to keep a good grip, even if your hands are sweaty.

Try it gently on yourself when you get yours in the mail ~ you'll see how little pressure it takes for this thing to cause pain, and how much pain can be quickly inflicted if you grab it & stab it.

Naturally shed elk antler. Carefully selected for straightness and strength.

Labeled photos correspond with drop down menu below ~ please use this to make your selections.

Selections 1 through 9 measure 5 inches to 6.5 inches long.

Selections A through G measure 6 inches to 8 inches long.

{legal blah blah}: This is not a toy. This is a self defense tool. Using this tool does not guarantee physical safety or emotional well-being. But I hope it adds to your physical and emotional strength.

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