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[PDF VERSION] The Daily Coyote: Ten Years In Photographs

Image of [PDF VERSION] The Daily Coyote: Ten Years In Photographs

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What people are saying about The Daily Coyote: Ten Years In Photographs:
"A masterpiece."
"More beautiful than I ever could have imagined."
"It is simply breathtaking."
"The book is a work of art and you are a true artist."
"The words…. wow, I didn’t expect the depth to them. I felt like I took a journey with you and learned a lot in the process."
"Visually stunning; moreover has brought joy, beauty and hope into my life."
"When I finished looking at the beautiful photographs and reading the lovely prose, I hugged the book to my chest and cried and laughed. A wonderful present to myself."


The long-awaited coffee table book! The digital file contains extra-large, high-resolution text and imagery for gorgeous viewing on any desktop computer, tablet, or phone.

A stunning collection of photos and writing, documenting ten years with Charlie.

The Daily Coyote: Ten Years in Photographs is a collection of my most exceptional photographs of Charlie, from puppyhood to present day, accompanied by new writing.

This book is a tribute to Charlie and our remarkable journey together, crafted with love and so much care. It includes essays, stories, and a huge selection of large photographs - a number of photos that have never been published, never been seen before. This book is a keepsake, a treasure to return to again and again.

Book Specs:
180 pages
20,000 words ~ all new work
200+ photographs ~ some never seen before

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